Intel’s Leaked CPU Roadmap Gives 10th Gen Comet Lake Lineup Hints

Intel’s 10th gen CPU lineup was seemingly leaked last week which showcased all their CPUs and showed that all of them had hyperthreading. This was quickly shot down as being fake and was debunked quickly. However, we did get an actual leak which showcases Intel’s CPU roadmap and gives us a bit of info about the next generation.

As seen for this leaked road map, the consumer Comet Lake-S CPUs will start production near the end of 2019. These new CPUs will go up to a maximum of 10 Physical Cores. It will also have a new socket, LGA 1200. The lower-end and midrange CPUs have the same TDP as the current Coffee Lake line-up but the high-end CPUs will have a much higher TDP going from 95W to 125W. The reason for this could be because they’re sticking with the same 14nm chips which means that to get the best out of their CPUs, they’ll need to be pumped with more power. 

It is a bit disappointing that we won’t see them change things up but this line-up was touted to release sometime back. These CPUs may also make the already competitive CPU market even more competitive as these new CPUs could go toe-to-toe or even outperform their Ryzen 3000 counter-parts when it comes to gaming as well as in multicore scenarios.

Right now, the Ryzen 3000 CPUs are great value for money and even beat the Intel CPUs when clocked at the same speeds. But, the Intel CPUs are also available at a very good price point making them a very viable choice.

Source: wccftech

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