Is the AMD Ryzen 7 3800X Going To Overthrow the i9-9900K?

AMD has a lot to prove with Zen 2 and they might be doing it in a very similar way to the original Ryzen 1st Gen release. A recent Geekbench leak shows that the Ryzen 7 3800X outperforms the i9-9900K.

According to a recent Geekbench score that has surfaced up on the internet, the Ryzen 7 3800X may very well be on its way to dethroning the i9-9900K at a much cheaper price point. The Ryzen 7 3800X has scored 34059 on the multicore test which puts it just ahead of the i9-9900k which scored 34020.

While the 7nm Ryzen CPU beats the i9-9900K in the multicore test, it looks like things haven’t changed for Ryzen when it comes to the single-core performance. The new Ryzen CPU scores 5406 whereas the i9-9900K outperforms it quite easily with a score of 6211.

Do keep in mind the difference in clock speeds though. The Ryzen CPU boosts up to 4.47Ghz whereas the i9-9900K has a single-core boost of 5Ghz+ which explains the gulf in Single Core Performance.

AMD always lacked in the Single-Core performance department and while they’ve seemed to have improved it with the new Zen 2 lineup, they still seem to be playing catch-up with Intel. It will be interesting to see how this translates to gaming performance as most well-optimized games seem to utilize the multiple cores available much better than before.

However, many people choose not to go with AMD because of the Single-Core Performance, especially the gamers who are into the Emulation scene which requires good Single Core performance in most cases. If this CPU can be OC’d beyond 4.47Ghz on aftermarket coolers, it could seriously be well worth the money if you want to get into the AMD ecosystem.

The release date for the 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs isn’t too far away so we don’t have to wait too long before we can see proper benchmarks for this exciting new lineup.

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