Jio Set-Up Box To Provide Console-Like Gaming at 4K?

At their recent 42nd Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited, they announced the launch of a 4K set-up box for entertainment and gaming purposes.

This set-up box will enable people to not only enjoy entertainment services but will also people to play games from Microsoft on this set-up box. As an example, Akash Ambani played FIFA 19 on stage to showcase its abilities. They also stated that the set-up box will support “almost all gaming controllers” and that it has a built-in graphics card. They also advertised a “zero-latency gaming experience” with the help of their Jio Fibre.

Now I’m not sure if they’re going to be streaming games or playing them on the set-up box since if they’re streaming it they don’t really need a high-end graphics card. It is also not known what device was used to showcase the game since the footage could’ve been taken from a PC or an Xbox One.

They’re working with game publishers like Microsoft, Tencent, Riot, and even Gameloft but surprisingly not EA since they decided to use an EA game to showcase it’s gaming abilities.

This set-up box is also capable of Mixed Reality experiences which they claimed could be used for “shopping, entertainment, and education”. A startup named Tesseract will be working on creating the Jio HoloBoard as their native MR-Headset. This specifications of this headset are not yet known but they want to release it to the market very soon at an “extremely affordable price”.

Now before people start calling Reliance and Jio the bastion of Indian Gaming and are going to move it forward just keep in mind that they don’t really care about gaming. To them, it’s just another market where they can make insane amounts of money. We don’t even know how their “console-like” experience works. It might just be an Android machine running some sort of a streaming service in the back to run the games.

It’s no Google Stadia, it’s no Microsoft xCloud(as of now, they have partnered with Microsoft though) and we don’t really know how they’ll give people a zero-latency 4K gaming experience. I’m very skeptical about the gaming capabilities of this device and about how they’re going to use their platform for gaming.

The Jio Giber services will be available from September 5th and those who subscribe to the annual plan will get the Set-Up Box for free. Prices for this product have not been announced yet.

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