Judgment: What It Is and Why You Should Play It

Judgment is a game that recently released for the PlayStation 4 and has been getting a lot of great reviews but if you’re someone who has no idea what this game is about or why its been so positively received this write-up should help.

The Masterminds behind the Game

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is the development team behind this game. If you’ve heard or played the Yakuza series, they’re the same development team. This studio is known because of how good the Yakuza games have been in terms of combat, story, and gameplay which are very unique experiences.


Their games are famous for the over-the-top and brutal “Heat Action” which are extremely powerful moves that completely destroy the enemy. They’re also known for making amazing side-stories for their games which take off the serious edge of the main story.

What is: Judgment

Judgment is a spin-off of the Yakuza series and features a new protagonist Takayuki Yagami, a small-time detective who used to be a defense lawyer but gave up the legal life after he defended a client successfully who went on to commit a murder right after.

At the start of the game, a bunch of Yakuza members have been brutally murdered and Yagami decides to look into it. As Yagami, you must then find this murderer who you’ve dubbed “The Mole” by punching thugs and dong some solid detective. In a way, he’s a bit like Batman. Good at detective work and fighting.

What Makes it So Good?

The game is just absolutely brimming with content. For starters, the game looks fantastic and the combat is really fun thanks to the two different fighting styles in the game.

The combat as mentioned above is satisfying, weighty and extremely fun. There’s a variety of heat actions that you can unlock along the way as well that are new thanks to Yagami being much different than Kiryu, the main protagonist from the Yakuza series.

The main story is gripping and very intriguing, the side-stories do a great job to alleviate the dark tone of the main story, and there’s a ton of side activity for you to partake in like dating, befriending people, a bunch of arcade games, and games like darts and baseball.

Why Should You Play It?

If you’ve ever wanted to try the Yakuza games, this is a great way to get a feel of what those games are like. It’s not linked to any of the Yakuza games so you can jump right in without worrying about a backstory.

There’s also a huge lack of good detective games and this game scratches that itch. Since it is set in the modern day, you get access to new technology like Drones and your phone to be the best detective and solve crimes. And you can take on smaller side-cases along the way which have their own mini-stories that help you understand Yagami better.

This game is an experience that no other game can give you. From its trademark Yakuza-esque combat that has been tuned for Yagami, the much darker story, wacky and unique side-mission and a lot of reasons to explore a dense city, there isn’t really any game that delivers it so well.

If you have played Sleeping Dogs and enjoyed it then chances are that you will love this game. It also has an English Dub which is top-notch so if you don’t want to play the Japanese Dub, you have that option.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

It’s a game like no other that balances detective gameplay and combat perfectly to deliver a gritty story while also allowing you to explore a city that’s full of stories to tell and people to meet and befriend.

Score – 8.5/10

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