Leak: GTA VI might be a PS5 Exclusive

There is a rather shocking leak on the net and that is, GTA VI would be exclusive to Sony’s PS5. The leak claims that Sony might be in talks to purchase Rockstar Game’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive.

The move seems unlikely, given the size of the company. But in case such a purchase takes place, it would be a tremendous money minting move. GTA V has been an exceptionally popular game with overwhelmingly positive reviews.
With rumours saying that the new Grand Theft Auto title would be based in Vice City and that there might a female lead in a GTA game for the first time, fans are already going crazy.

But, sit back and relax as GTA VI would probably not come anytime sooner than 2022. By that time, the next generation console would be out in the market too, so rumours seems to make ‘some’ sense. What do you think about this rumour? Let us know below.

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