Massive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak; Release Date Broken

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo’s upcoming game that has many fans eagerly waiting for it, especially since they seemed to have killed every single character as seen from the trailer.

However, many people have received the game almost a month before it’s release due to the International release date being broken by retailers. This has led to tons of data mining and spoilers all over the internet about the game so if you’re curious about any aspect of the game then you might find it here. This post might contain story spoilers for the game.

As seen from this huge list above, almost everything about the game is out. From the music to the bosses, the spirits and, even the cutscenes. There’s already a spreadsheet guide being made for character unlocks and according to that it apparently takes 350 versus matches to unlock every single character in the game. That’s a lot of matches.

It is a pretty huge deal that one of Nintendo’s major games has somehow been available to a few people weeks before it’s actual release with numerous live streams and videos of the game already on the internet. The game has even been uploaded in its entirety and many people already have access to it since they can just pirate it.

We do not condone piracy at GamingMonk. Links to the leaks discussion megathread will be linked below for you to go through if you’d like.

Smash Bros Subreddit Thread

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