Metro Exodus Devs Were not Aware of the Exclusivity Deal

The sudden news of Metro Exodus being an Epic Games Store exclusive was also a surprise to THQ Nordic as they tweeted out explaining the situation.

About 24 hours ago, a notice popped up on the steam page of Metro Exodus which stated that the game would be removed from the Steam Store within 24 hours as the publisher decided to make the game exclusive to another store. The good news though was that folks who pre-ordered it will still have the games in their library and will be able to play it on Steam.

THQ Nordic were also taken by surprise and decided to let their thoughts be known about the situation and how they had no part in this deal. The game has also been taken off the Windows Store.

Epic Games Store aims to take on Steam and are doing so by offering developers a better cut and by giving users free games that are good. However, I feel that by making a game exclusive to their store isn’t really a good move because you’re forced to use their platform then instead of having a choice to choose from.

GOG has DRM free games, Steam has good sales and a pre-existing community so why am I being forced to use a platform that I might not want to use. Not to mention, Steam has regional pricing in Rupees and accepts domestic ways to make purchases which makes it easier for Indian gamers to buy games. Plus, as THQ Nordic have put it themselves, they want their games to available on as many platforms as possible and this certainly isn’t helping with that.

So instead of making games exclusive and forcing me to play on your platform, why not make a platform that actually makes me want to buy games from there? Not to mention, Steam’s review system has gotten a lot better over time while Epic Games doesn’t even have one. This might just help soften the blow if the reviews aren’t good.

Metro Exodus will be available on other stores after a year when the timed exclusivity runs out. For now, it’s available only on the Epic Games Store for $19.99 in India. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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