Metro Exodus – Review

Metro Exodus is the third entry in the Metro series of games based on the books of Dimitri Glukhovsky. While the first two games are mostly linear shooters, set mostly underground inside Metro tunnels, Metro Exodus makes use of more open spaces outside of the tunnels. It’s not an open world game, but is has open areas with multiple missions and objectives.

Set shortly after the event of Metro: Last Light, Metro Exodus follows Artyom and a ragtag group of soldiers as they venture out of the Metro and Moscow to find out what’s been really going on all these years after the nuclear war. It’s a well told narrative with strong characters and really memorable moments. The story focuses on the group itself and how they manage to survive in some really harsh conditions.

Sights outside of the dark metro tunnels are not only refreshing, but also absolutely stunning. Metro Exodus of one of the best looking games on PC right now, and among the few to support Ray Tracing and DLSS. The amount of detail, both technical and artistic is really impressive, with excellent lighting, volumetric effects, and high-resolution textures really making he game shine.

The combat also sees some significant improvements. Both head on combat and stealth are valid options, and you now have a wider arsenal with deeper customization that ever before. You can modify a simple pistol to be a powerful SMG or even a sniper with the right components, and the upgrade system feels really meaningful. The shooting feels great, with strong recoil on automatic weapons, powerful impact of high caliber weapons, and the unique special weapons. Combat and stealth are both viable options, and accessing the encounter ahead, prepping for it, and executing on the play-style you desire is immensely satisfying.

With a strong narrative, enjoyable gameplay, and fantastic visuals, Metro Exodus is a really impressive package overall. This is easily among the best AAA game I have played in recent memory, and I would love to see what 4A Games does next.

Score – 9/10

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