Microsoft’s Disc-less Xbox One S Launching in May

It’s been known for a while that Microsoft has been working on a disc-less version of the Xbox One S. Codenamed Maverick, the new console will launch on 7th May, almost three weeks from now. The device is expected to be announced an upcoming Microsoft Inside Xbox event on 16th April.

The “All Digital” Xbox One S is the first console based on Project Scarlett, Microsoft’s next-gen iteration for Xbox. The expected price point is around $299 in the US. Considering the price of the current Xbox One S in India, which starts at INR 21,490, this should translate to under 20,000.

We don’t know the exact specifications, but rumours suggest that the upcoming Xbox One S will be powered by AMD’s 7nm Zen 2 based 8 core CPUs and next gen Navi GPUs. As shown in the image, it is expected to have 1TB of storage. As with the current Xbox One S, the new one will also have 4K and HDR support and its own bundles. Microsoft is also expected to announce a premium tier of their Game Pass service, which includes the benefits of both Xbox Live Service and the base Game Pass.

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