More Ryzen 5 3600 Benchmarks Leaked; Zen 2 Looks Very Promising

The hype train for 3rd Gen Ryzen has left the station and with the release date drawing closer and closer, more and more leaks seem to be popping up. And all these leaks have one thing in common, Ryzen being an absolute beast.

Spanish website El Chapuzas Informático have released their R5 3600 benchmarks and they look very promising and seem to align with most of the leaks we’ve seen.

Single Core Test
Multi-Core Test

From these benchmarks, the 6c/12t Ryzen 3600 is outperforming the 8c/16t R7 2700X and also is very close to the i9-9900K. In the multicore benchmark, we see the R5 3600 outperform the R7 1700X and the i7-9700K.

Here’s another leak that shows the Ryzen 5 3600 score 197 in the single-core Cinebench R15 benchmark which aligns with the scores from El Chapuzas. And in the multi-core benchmark, it seems to go toe-to-toe with the i7-9700K and the i9-9900K at what seems to be same clock speeds.

These are really good showings from AMD if this is anything to go off of, I’m really curious to see how the Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 CPUs perform because if the Ryzen 5 CPU is performing so well that too at a price point of around $200, the higher end CPUs might just be absolute beasts that have a chance to dethrone Intel’s high-end CPU market as well.

The launch for the Ryzen’s 7nm lineup is on 7/7 which is just about two weeks away, and closer to the release date we might get more solid info and once the embargo is lifted, we will really get to see how good this 7nm lineup is.

Do note that El Chapuzas has previously leaked benchmarks for Ryzen 2600 and Ryzen 2700X which were not 100%. The scores in some cases were accurate but in some were lower than the actual performance so take their benchmark results with a grain of salt. Their result is a pre-proper BIOS result.

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