Ninja Moves to Mixer after Leaving Twitch

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has decided to leave Twitch and move to a Microsoft’s streaming service, Mixer.

He announced this with a Youtube video on his channel where he has a press conference but only takes questions from people who seem to bear a striking resemblance to the man himself.

This is a big move in the streaming world since he was synonymous with Twitch especially after breaking a bunch of Twitch records when he streaming with Drake. He isn’t the only one moving to different platforms as Youtube Sensation Pewdiepie has moved to DLive to livestream.

Does this mean that we’ll see a migration of streamers from Twitch to Mixer? We’re not sure about that but since Ninja has seen a decline in Twitch viewership, he might not have the same numbers on Mixer. This does mean that he’s left a pretty big hole which someone else might be able to fill.

For Microsoft to make this happen, they must’ve paid him insane amounts of money and they’re betting a lot on this because if this doesn’t work then Mixer might not make it like Twitch or even YouTube for that matter.

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