Nintendo Announces New Joy-Con Colours; One Pair is Waluigi Inspired

Nintendo announced a new colour-schemes for the Switch joy-cons after the announcement of the updated Nintendo Switch console.

These new Joycons are Blue/Neon Yellow and Purple/Neon Orange. The Blue and Yellow design is said to be inspired from Buck Bumble, a character from a Nintendo 64 with the same name.

The Purple and Neon Orange one is said to be inspired from the Gamecube but we feel it’s super inspired by Waluigi and maybe Wario. Waluigi’s main colour is Purple but the colour of his shoes are the same as the Neon Orange found here.

There’s no news on whether or not these are updated Joycons since a lot of people are complaining of Joycon drift. One hopes that these issues are fixed considering that these new colours launch on October 4th for $79.99.

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