Nintendo Switch Lite Announced; Releases on 20th September

We’ve got leaks for months on end but we finally have it. The Nintendo Switch Lite has been announced by Nintendo and is aimed at those who just want a portable experience.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a few notable changes from the regular Switch. One of the biggest changes is the lack of Joy-Cons but instead has a single body frame with the controls all attached to the body. The lack of Joy-Cons means no IR Sensors or HD Rumble so if you need to play games that require it, you’ll need to get additional Joy-Cons.


Furthermore, another change is the size of the screen and the body. The screen has shrunk from 6.2″ to 5.5″  while the body has also shrunk down a bit. A much-needed change that the Lite sees which I’d call an upgrade is the inclusion of an actual D-Pad which replaces the old separate d-pad.

The Switch Lite also has a slightly longer battery life as Nintendo claims it will last roughly between 3-7 hours long from the original Switch’s 2.5-6.5 hours. They state that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will drain the Switch Lite in 4 hours as opposed to the Switch just lasting for 3 hours. This change in battery life comes thanks to the new modified chipset that they use as well as the slightly smaller screen.

Lastly, since this is 100% focused on portability, the Switch Lite lacks the dock, the HDMI cable connection or a kickstand. All of these changes help bring down the price of the product.

The Nintendo Switch Lite costs $199 while the regular Nintendo Switch still costs $299. The Nintendo Switch Lite released Worldwide on September 20, 2019, and comes in three colours namely,  Grey, Yellow, Turquoise. There’s also a special Pokemon Sword and Shield Version of the Switch Lite which also costs $199 but will release much later on 8th November 2019.

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