Nintendo Switch Mini Leaked?

There’s been a lot of rumours about two new Nintendo Switch models. One being a “Pro” model that is more powerful and one being a more Portable version and we might have gotten our first look at the new Nintendo Switch Mini thanks to a leak from a Chinese Console Accessory website.

The new Nintendo Switch Mini seems to be much more compact in size. It gets rid of the joycons and fuses the controllers to the body similar to the PSP and PS Vita. While the controller layout stays the same the D-Pad looks a bit different with a proper, more traditional D-Pad.

The screen looks to be the same but the colour scheme that they’ve showcased is a gun-metal grey colour for the entire console.

There are no specs given so we can assume its either the same chip used or the rumoured modified new one that is clocked slower than the Pro version for longer battery life and lack of proper cooling.

One of the biggest complaints with the Switch was how the Joycons were too small which resulted in people’s hand cramping and not feeling comfortable while using the joycons. If they make the design even more compact it will be interesting to see how they tackle the joycon issue with a fused body since for the regular Switch you can get a Hori “grip controller” that is much bigger but is not made by Nintendo themselves.

Since they are focusing on portability with this version, they shouldn’t expect players to use a Pro controller or any other controller with it since that would defeat the Switch Mini’s whole purpose.

As with any leak, take this with a grain of salt but there are high chances that this is what the final product looks like.

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