No Man’s Sky Beyond Launch Trailer Shows off their Biggest Update Yet!

No Man’s Sky is still getting updates and they’re now gearing up to release their biggest update yet, the one they call BEYOND. And to showcase this a little bit, they’ve released a launch trailer.

With the BEYOND  update, they’re further expanding the online aspect of the game and might also be adding in proper NPCs. The trailer doesn’t really showcase things clearly and just gives us glimpses and teases of what’s been added.  We did get a look at the Nexus and how the interaction between players will work.

They’re also adding VR support to the game on PC and the PlayStation 4 VR with this update. They’ve changed up a lot of textures, especially spaceship and aircraft interiors to accommodate for the inclusion of VR.

There’s another third huge part of the update that they haven’t announced yet and which they will showoff sometime closer to the release of BEYOND but they have stated it’s a bunch of “subtler things that are hard to make a trailer for” and hope that players will enjoy it.

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