No more dual PC hassle as Nvidia and OBS team up to optimise NVENC streaming

Streaming is really hard on your hardware. Gaming and streaming from the same PC make the frame rates go south. That’s why an overwhelming majority of professional streamers use a dual PC setup to stream. In a dual PC setup, one PC runs the game and the other broadcasts it. But a dual PC setup takes stress away from the PC and puts it on your pocket.

Nvidia and OBS have teamed up to improve and optimise single PC streaming. The only catch is that you must own a capable Nvidia GPU.

Nvidia GPUs use NVENC encoder to live stream your gameplay. In most cases, using a GPU encoder is the better choice as it helps avoid the processor bottleneck that might occur when using a x264 encoder. However, using NVENC encoder makes the GPU multitask, resulting in a significant drop in FPS while streaming.

The improved OBS Studio “reduces the FPS impact of streaming by up to 66 percent compared to the previous version” claims Nvidia. This improvement is supported by all GPUs newer than Nvidia’s 500 series lineup (i.e. 600 GPU series onwards), given that they already are NVENC compatible.

This update is a major optimisation update with an average of 48 percent FPS increase across all trending battle royale titles, including PUBG, Fortnite and yes, Apex Legends. Adding a cherry on the top, Nvidia also claims improved stream quality at a lower bitrate.

However, as one might expect, Nvidia’s new ‘shiny’ RTX series benefits the most from the update.

  • OBS Studio 23 is now available for Linux, MacOS and Windows. So go and live that streamer dream.
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