NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Drivers For Zombie Army 4 Dead War Released

More Ray Traced Content: Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story

Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story is a major expansion for the landmark ray tracing title, Metro Exodus. As in the core game, both ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS are available, so expect to see some stunning ray-traced global illumination lighting, and ray-traced emissive lighting, ensuring GeForce RTX gamers receive the definitive, immersive experience. 

Three New G-SYNC Compatible Displays

The G-SYNC Compatible program expands the G-SYNC ecosystem and aims to bring consistency and educate consumers on which displays will provide a good entry level variable refresh rate (VRR) experience. 

The newly-validated monitors are the ASUS VG259QM, Dell AW2521HF, and LG 34GN850, giving gamers even more choice when searching for a great gaming display.

Under the G-SYNC Compatible program, NVIDIA works with monitor OEMs to validate the experience on monitors that support the AdaptiveSync protocol. Those that pass are designated as “G-SYNC Compatible”. For a full listing of G-SYNC Compatible displays, please click here

Max Frame Rate and VRSS Feature Improvements

In our previous driver, we introduced two new NVIDIA Control Panel features: Max Frame Rate, for optimizing performance and power use, and Variable Rate Supersampling (VRSS), a VR game image quality enhancement.

In our new driver, we are enhancing their functionality based on your feedback. For Max Frame Rate, the FPS range is now 20 to 1000 FPS, and for VRSS, you can now also enable the feature on the Global tab, automatically activating it in all supported games.

About NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers

Game Ready Drivers are available on or before launch day for most major titles and are tuned for the best performance and flawless gameplay. All NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers are Microsoft WHQL-certified. 

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