Nvidia RTX 2080 Plays AAA Titles At 4K 60 FPS, First Benchmarks Revealed

NVIDIA has talked up a big game about their upcoming RTX series GPUs, with a lot of focus given to the real time reay tracing technology that we will see in many games coming soon. However, we didn’t get to see proper benchmarks, and there were rumblings in the PC gaming community questioning the RTX GPUs’ ability to deliver performance significantly ahead of the existing GPUs. NVIDIA has seemingly taken notice of the same and put out some benchmarks, that, without delving into hard numbers do give a tentative picture of how the new RTX 2080 performs.

GeForce RTX GPUs deliver 4K HDR gaming on modern AAA titles at 60 frames per second — a feat even the flagship GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU can’t manage.

For game after game, Turing delivers big performance gains (see chart, above). Those numbers get even bigger with deep learning super-sampling, or DLSS. DLSS takes advantage of our Tensor Cores’ ability to use AI. In this case it’s used to develop a neural network that teaches itself how to render a game. It smooths the edges of rendered objects and increases performance.

While these benchmarks are impressive, we will wait to see some more hands on reviews and real world tests before coming to a definitive conclusion.

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