Parafal AR in Free Fire: All you need to know

he latest update in Garena Free Fire – the OB24 update, also referred to as the BOOYAH Day update is now available to download. It introduced a slew of new features including new weapons as well as quality of life improvements. A detailed overview of the same is available here. Two new weapons have been added to the game including the PARAFAL Assault Rifle which looks like it’s going to be used a lot. 

The PARAFAL’s specs sound as if it’s looking to replace your sniper because it has a high DPS and a low rate of fire. A few shots should be enough to take out your enemy but if you miss even one shot, you could be in trouble as it’s not a very mobile gun to say the least. Couple this with the fact that it has a low fire rate makes it situational- just like your sniper rifles.


The exact stats and some details such as reload time have not yet been completely revealed by the developers so we’ll have to wait for that but some info is available below.

  • Damage: 48
  • Magazine Size: 30
  • Rate of Fire: 0.245
  • Attachments: Muzzle, Stock, Magazine, Grip and Scope


The gun will be available for use in the Classic and Clash Squad modes. Do try out the gun and tell us whether it’s goin to result in a new meta or is just going to be used passively by a few players.

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