PlayStation Behind The Scenes: The Changes That Matter

PlayStation is slowly changing and that is evident from how different it is now as compared to when the PlayStation 4 originally launched. While they caught a lot of flak for their stance on Cross-platform gaming and Backwards Compatibility, things seem to be changing for the better.

One of the biggest changes behind this has been the appointment of John Kodera, CEO of Sony. Recent changes in a lot of company policy could be attributed to him pushing for it. Kodera before becoming CEO had a background in Cloud content, digital content, and networking services. Since his appointment a year ago, we’ve seen a push for PSNow which is PlayStation’s Streaming service that allows you to play PlayStation games on PC by streaming it.

Another sign that showcases their positive changes is the way they handle the studios in charge of PlayStation Exclusive titles. They’re given a lot of creative freedom and trust which has led to a lot of phenomenal PlayStation exclusives, both right now and also in the past before Kodera could step in. In the past ten months, there’s been a lot of growth for some of the studios that create exclusives for PlayStation.

Guerrilla Games added 150 people and moved to a bigger studio and plan to create games every few years like Naughty Dog. Out of those 150 employees are people who worked on the multiplayer for Rainbow Six Siege. There’s also a new studio in San Diego which has Quentin Cobb, formerly of Naughty Dog as the Senior Game Designer. This can could mean we’ll see more narrative-driven games for the PlayStation.

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn

We’ve also heard rumours of PlayStation patenting some sort of texture upscaling techniques which could mean that they’re looking into Backwards Compatibility. They have announced the PlayStation Classic but we could see proper Backwards Compatibility soon with enhanced visuals.

And lastly, the PlayStation ID Change which has officially been announced. Now, this has a few issues with older titles, from a time when they didn’t even think about players having the ability to change their names but going forward, all games will be compatible with this and won’t cause any problems when it comes to changing your name.

Is this all John Kodera? Of course not because there’s bound to be a team of hard-working people who have helped make the best decisions but Kodera is probably a big driving force behind that. We’ve seen a lot of good things from PlayStation ever since his appointment and direction the PlayStation is headed in is a very positive one and we hope they listen to their fans and customers, even more, to ensure that it remains positive because they’ve been doing some great stuff lately.

All of this was inspired partly by a post on Reddit and partly because of the overall positive news about PlayStation this year which made me realize how good PlayStation was doing lately, even with a console that is weaker in terms of raw power. How do you feel about PlayStation and their recent showings? Let us know down below.

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