Pokemon Masters: New Pokemon Mobile Game Trailer

The Pokemon Company has showcased Pokemon Masters, a new mobile game with a trailer that featured a mix of animated cutscenes and gameplay footage. They’ve given us a lot of information so let’s get to it.

The game is set on the artificial island of Pasio where all the best trainers have gathered to become the champion of the Pokemon Masters League which is being held on the island.

Here you will meet different trainers and their Pokemon. Each trainer will only have one Pokemon with them and together they’re known as Sync Pairs. The Sync Pairs also have access to a special unique move known as a Sync Move.

There is a twist in the core gameplay mechanic though. Instead of a traditional 1v1 turn-based battle, the game will feature 3v3 battles with a real time battle system.

There’s another new feature in battles called Trainer Moves which allow you to heal your Pokemon and raise their stats during the battle.

To have the 3v3 battles, you will need to befriend the various trainers and form a team with them. You can meet the legendary Red and his Charizard, Red’s rival Blue and his Pidgeot, and even the Dragon Master Lance with his Dragonite. The game features all the famous trainers from past Pokemon games so you can create your own dream team and take on the league.

The current release date is Summer 2019 which is going to be sometime in the next 2 months. The game has a lot of changes to the core gameplay and looks like a very interesting mobile game. We can’t wait for more information and for the game to release.

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