Pokemon Masters Set to Release on 29th August

Pokemon Masters, the latest mobile game by the Pokemon Company is set to release worldwide on 29th August.

Pokemon Masters puts you on an island where all the best trainers in the world have gathered to take on the Pokemon Masters League on the artificial island of Pasio. Battles take place in a 3v3 format so you’ll be able to add members to your team.

These members can be any of the main NPCs found in the game who are trainers found in past games like Gym Leaders, Rivals and Elite Four members. The game features a real-time battle system instead of a turn-based system so you’ll have to dish out moves as soon as possible.

The game had previously soft-launched in a few countries where players got to play the game. The game features microtransaction systems heavily and you will either have to grind for it or wait to gather the “gems” used to summon trainers.

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