Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Shows off New Pokemon and Teams

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s new trailer shows off some interesting new additions to the game which include new pokemon forms as well as a new team who you’ll go up against.

Let’s start off with the Pokemon first. Just like Alola, the Galar region has its own variant of Pokemon called the Gallarian Forms. In this trailer, they showed off four such forms. The first we got to see was a Galarian Weezing who is Grey, wears a top hat and has a facial hair that’s made up of toxic smog.

We also saw the Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone who are Normal/Dark types and Linoone gets an evolution and evolves into a bipedal Pokemon, Obstagoon who is also Dark/Normal.

We also got a glimpse at a new form changing Pokemon called Morpeko(Electric/Dark) who has two forms. Full Belly form where it’s Aura Wheel moves is Electric-type and Hangry form where it changes to Dark-type.

Our rivals were also introduced to us. Bede and Marnie are out two rivals and Marnie has her own fan following, a bunch of people who go by the name of Team Yell and they look like proper Hooligans.

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