Professional Indian CSGO Player “forsaken” Caught Cheating; Released from Optic India

The Indian CSGO e-sports scene has been left speechless and angry after it was found that Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat was using hacks in a LAN tournament.

During a match between Vietnam’s “revolution” and Optic India, Nikhil was approached by an admin after being flagged by the anti-cheat system. Nikhil refused to give the admin access to his PC and when asked to alt-tab from CSGO, they found a suspicious program running. Nikhil then quickly deleted the program in front of the admin, and since the file was deleted it took a while to investigate as they were trying to recover the deleted file. The recovered file would not launch and would instead print a message saying that a Windows update would be required to run it.

The admin observation coupled with the anti-cheat and his fishy gameplay lead the organizers to believe that “forsaken” is guilty which led to Optic India’s disqualification from the tournament and Nikhil’s instant removal from the Optic India roster.

This isn’t the first time Nikhil has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons though. Back in 2017 when he was in Team SemperX, Nikhil was handed a 2 year ban by ESL for owning an account that was VAC banned.

Another professional CSGO player “BnTeT” has also tweeted about how players who played against him knew that he was cheating and that this wasn’t a shocking revelation to them. There’ve been members of the Indian CSGO community also calling him out and have known he’s “fishy” since 2016.


Teams, players and members of the community have called him out, he was previously banned for owning an account with a VAC ban which begs the question as to why nothing was done about this? He then goes on to join of India’s biggest CSGO Teams in Optic India only to be caught hacking at a LAN? His spot could have been given to someone more deserving and hardworking, someone who didn’t use cheats. So does India need some sort of committee to stop players like him from continually getting opportunities like this? Something needs to be done because there are probably countless other players like this who think they can get away with this on a smaller stage with less limelight.

India was slowly gaining a good reputation in e-sports and in the CSGO community but this right here is probably another strike after the whole ICG fiasco. This could very well hinder the growth of e-sports and CSGO in India due to the negative rep that it will garner and the community is right to be angry and upset about such a disgraceful act and we hope that proper punishment is given to the player.

A few “highlights” for you:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Clear Aimlock Footage

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