PUBG Adds Cross-Play Support to Consoles

PUBG’s Season 4 is already out on PC but it hasn’t hit the consoles yet. However, at Gamescom the PUBG Corp had another exciting announcement for console PUBG players.

PUBG is getting cross-platform play for consoles players. This means that Xbox players will be able to play against or with PlayStation players and vice-versa. This is something that Fortnite already does and has been doing for a while now and it is good to see PUBG catch up.

Sadly, there’s still no word about cross-play between Consoles and PC but maybe that will come after they enable console cross-play. Cross-play will go live on the test servers in late September with a public release in early October.

Season 4 for PUBG on consoles drops on August 27th which will bring with it the updated Erangel map among other things.

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