PUBG Getting A Proper Training Mode With Vehicles, Guns & New Map

Earlier this month PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp had announced a new initiative titled “Fix PUBG” which included a roadmap of things to come. As part of this campaign, they are adding a new Training Mode to the game which is aimed at both beginners and veterans of the game.

This new training mode features its own map that is 2x2km in area and features a plethora of things ranging from a shooting range, a race track, parachute landing practice targets and areas for CQC. The best part about this Training Mode is that it supports 5-20 players get together to explore and experiment in this new Map. This is a great way for new veterans of the game to teach new players while also refining their own skills by getting to learn how various aspects of the game work in a deeper way.

There are also simulations for targets like moving targets, peeking targets and such that aim to help players get a feel for the gunplay of the game. Players can also use the gun range to get a feel of the bullet drop and how effective scopes are in combat. There’s also a lot of “Sweet Ramps” for players to ramp off of with vehicles which seem like a very fun addition to play around with. While the whole Training Mode is still in development, the devs state that they are planning for a September release which is right around the corner. They also plan to continue working on it to add more things that players can use to get a better understanding of the game.

If you’d like to read about the Fix PUBG campaign, click here.

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