PUBG Mobile Beryl M762 Best Attachments and Recoil Guide

We get a lot of comments by people asking us to make a guide for the M762 in PUBG Mobile. So, the wait is over, and here’s our definitive M762 guide with the best attachments so you can handle the weapon and its recoil with ease.

The Beryl M762 is pretty similar to the AKM, but has an advantage in that there is a huge variety of attachments that you can use with it. There’s an attachment for almost everything, including the upper rail, lower rail, magazine and the muzzle.

The M762 has a strong recoil, and it’s important to be able to handle that if you want to use it properly. But don’t worry, the attachments will help you with that a lot too. But before we talk about that, let’s take a look at the base stats of the M762.

The base hit damage is 46, which is less than the AKM, but when you spray the DPS goes up to 534 which is higher than the AKM, thanks to the M762’s high firing rate.

You can see the M762’s recoil in the screenshot above, and you’ll be able to tell that it has considerable vertical recoil and even some horizontal recoil.

What we need to do is take advantage of the high firing rate and DPS with the gun’s spray. And that’s where the attachments come into play.


Using a compensator with the M762 is absolutely necessary. Not only does it help with the recoil, it also improves the entire experience of the gun. If you’re not able to find a compensator right away, you can make do with a flash hider or suppressor and switch to the compensator as soon as you find it. A suppressor won’t be very useful because you’ll be mostly using this gun at short to medium range, just like the AKM.

Vertical Grip

Now let’s talk about the lower rail attachment. The best option for this gun is the vertical grip because it really helps with the recoil in the M762. With this you’ll have a better control over the spray and will be able to spray better.


The best option you have in the magazine is the Quickdraw Extended Mag. With this, you’ll have a better bullet capacity as well as faster reloads. But if you’re in a pinch and have to choose between the Extended Magazine and the Quickdraw Magazine, choose the Extended because that will help you more with the spray.


Let’s talk about scopes now. We’ll recommend either the 6x or the 2x. You can set the 6x at 3x and use it at close range, and you’ll also have a good option for the long range. Otherwise go for the 2x scope which will help you have more control on the spray and aim at the enemies more easily.

Now, a few tips on how to handle recoil.

  • First of all, only use the M762 for short or medium range fights. Due to the strong recoil it’s not suited for the long range. And if you don’t have a better rifle or gun then you can use this on burst or single-fire mode.
  • Second, try not to move a lot while shooting with the M762 otherwise you’ll also have to adjust for horizontal recoil. So as long as you’re fighting at medium range, try to stay in one spot when you’re spraying.
  • Finally, make sure to set your sensitivity. We recommend going with a lower sensitivity in general, but for ADS we say for twice your normal sensitivity because that’ll help you pull down faster while spraying.

So that’s our guide for handling M762 recoil and attachments. Let know what else you’d like to see a guid for in the comments!

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