PUBG Mobile: Best Guns To Use

Pubg Mobile gives players over 40 weapons to choose from but not all weapons were made equal. Some guns perform better than the others and may give players tactical advantage based on what kind of weapon they are.

The majority of players prefer either assault rifles or snipers but there are also many others which can also do the job for you.


Dealing the same damage as the AKM but with a faster rate of fire, it is by far one of the most overpowered gun in the game. However, the only drawback is its 3 second reload time which can be quite a risk during a firefight. I would recommend having a backup weapon ready to use.


The deadliest sniper in PUBG Mobile, the AWM. In the right hands, it can wreak havoc on your enemies. It has the highest base damage of 105 and can easily take down an enemy with a Level 3 Helmet in a single headshot. But it’s pretty rare too, as it’s only available through the air drops.

Another issue is that the AWM uses Magnum rounds instead of regular 7.62mm ones, which are again, only found in air drops. For the attachments it has the same options as the M24: sight, muzzle, magazine and stock.


The SLR marksman rifle can be seen as a more powerful version of the SKS, dealing more damage at the expense of more recoil.  It is also more suited to ranged combat where there is ample cover and time to engage enemies.


Compared to SCAR-L this assault rifle has a better fire rate and exceptional stability. Furthermore, it can even accept the most modifications of any of the assault rifles making it very powerful when fully modified.


Don’t let its low damage and high recoil confuse you as its still the best and the most common weapon players have a chance to get after jumping of the plane. It features a high fire rate capable of finishing players of at close range. However, it is recommended that you only continue to use this weapon in mid to endgame if you have fully modified it.


The UMP45 is probably the best viable sub-machine gun for late game. it has the quite a high damage output coupled with negligible recoil when fully modified.

Kar 98

Not only is this the most common sniper rifle in the game, it also has the highest damage. It’s base damage it 79, and if you’re able to get a headshot, you can get a one-shot kill even on a level 2 helmet.


Easily the most powerful shotgun in the game, the S12K is a devastating weapon at close range. It also supports a number of assault rifle attachments, which makes it more versatile. Its high rate of fire and short reload time makes it extremely viable when taking on multiple enemies indoors.

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