PUBG Mobile Best Sensitivity Settings Guide

In our previous guide, we told you about the best control and layout settings for PUBG Mobile. But the game has a comprehensive menu of options and sliders when it comes to sensitivity settings too. And in this guide, we’re going to take you through it, along with the control settings and tell you the best settings for you to choose.

Sensitivity Settings

While you’re in the game, swipe your thumb from the middle part of the screen till the edge of your screen. If your camera is rotating about 180 degrees which are directly behind you, you’re good. If it is too much or too little, you might want to adjust standard sensitivity accordingly so that you’re consistently close to 180 degrees.

  • Look at one spot and try to aim at it consistently at least 10 times. If it feels too slow, turn up your standard sensitivity. Too fast, then decrease it. Keep doing this until you find a comfortable sensitivity and then try aiming at other specific spots from a single place to see if you’re comfortable with your new setting. 

Before you jump into a match with the new settings, it’s always best to go into the training area and try out the weapons and get some practice with your new sensitivity settings. If something feels off, you can jump back in the menu and tweak it easily. Make sure you check sensitivity for both hip fire and ADS. And if you’ve changed the sensitivity for the scopes, be sure to practice with that too.


  • Here you should set it to advanced mode since it doesn’t auto-fire.
  • We highly recommend using Advanced because you have more control over when to shoot because sometimes, you don’t want to shoot someone and want to sneak behind them or be stealthy. Plus, auto shooting just wastes bullets which can be the difference between winning and losing.
  • In Advanced, the shooting met is set it to custom where all weapons are set to Hip Fire besides Sniper Rifle which is set to ADS. This will allow you to scope up guns only when you want to. So if you’re in a close-range situation, you won’t have to un-scope to hip fire. 
  • For Sniper, having it set to ADS helps when you need to do a quick scope shot or when you just want to get a single shot and quickly get out of the scope. This can be extremely helpful with sniping so if you’re a sniper player you should try this out.
  • In a similar fashion, you can use the aim button when you’ve set it to ADS to stay scoped in after you take a shot. This is useful for holding angles and when you know there’s going to be multiple enemies that you will have to take out.

The same settings can be used in BR Mode.

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