PUBG Mobile: Best Way to Win More Games

PUBG Mobile – PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Mobile is one of the most trending, classic FPS game on mobile with millions of downloads on Android in the Play Store. If you are also a PUBG Mobile fan, you must know what it feels to win a match, getting a “WINNER! WINNER! CHICKEN DINNER!” Here are some tips.


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You have to be very careful about where to land and how to land. If you are good at close range fights and your reflexes are great then you can do any hot drop where you’ll get loot as well as kills in the first few minutes of the game. But if you are a newbie and still getting to know the game then you must choose someplace safe to land.

First Loot, Then Shoot

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Unless you’re capable of killing enemies with your fists, once you land, you’ll probably wanna find some weapons, Armour, Helmet, Medicines, throwables, etc. Once you complete your loot, then you can find some enemies and kill them. It’s best to ensure you have everything you need to take a fight or instead you’ll regret not having a good loot.

Shoot Enemies, Or not?

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If you want to win either you have to eliminate the enemies to be the last one standing or you have to wait till they are eliminated by each other. There is always a choice if you want to pick up a fight with another enemy squad or not. If you want some kills and want to improve your K/D ratio as well, then you have to kill as many enemies as you can. But if you don’t wanna take a risk then also you can win by getting in the safe zone and camping in some compounds and killing the last enemy to be the winner!

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