PUBG Mobile Getting Death Race Mode and Snowy Erangel in Next Update

We’ve seen a consistent stream of content coming in for PUBG Mobile, and it seems like Tencent wants to keep that going with the next update as well. They’re planning to bring some major new additions to the game with 0.16.0 update, as it’s being called, the details of which you can find out below.

As revealed by Mr GhostGaming, there will be three major changes that we can expect to see:

Death Race Mode:

PUBG will be adding a Death Race mode for players, inspired by the movie of the same name. The new event will allow players to battle against each other using vehicles, which will be fully locked and loaded with weapons and explosives. There will also be crates dropped (or spawned) on the race course, offering the players temporary boosts, with the main aim being eliminating all your opponents while racing against them across the course.

TPP to FPP Perspective Switch:

Players who have been craving some more immersion in their PUBG Mobile matches can now rejoice! Tencent is adding the option to switch between Third Person (TPP) and First Person (FPP) perspectives, just like PUBG PC. You’ll now be able to freely switch between the views on the fly, whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle.

Snow on Erangel Map

Looks like Tencent is getting into the Christmas festive season! We already have the Vikendi map for our winter battle royale matches, but the devs will be adding a snowy touch to Erangel as well. And it will be feature packed, complete with snow-tipped mountains, ski lifts, and ski boards. That’s right folks, now you can ski in PUBG, and not just the mountains either. According to the leaks, you should be able to use it anywhere on the map.

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