PUBG Mobile Guide How To Spot Bots In Your Match

PUBG Mobile is a hugely popular game in India, but not without its issues. Even though there are thousands of people playing it at any given time, there’s a large number of bots that you may encounter frequently in the game. So today we’ll tell you how you can spot these bots and find out whether you’re playing against actual people or not. But first, let’s start with what a bot in PUBG Mobile actually is.

A bot, simply put, is an enemy unit that is controlled not by another human but an AI. They look the same as human enemies because visually there’s no difference in the character model, or skins or their equipment. But if you look closely, you will be able to tell a human enemy from a bot by observing their movements and actions.

How to Differentiate Bots From Players

As the bots are controlled by AI instead of actual people, you can easily spot them if you pay close attention to how they behave in the game. Here are some signs you can look for:

  • Bots Don’t Move While Shooting
  • Bots Have Guns But Still Don’t Shoot Sometimes
  • Bots Carry Certain Gun Models

The biggest telltale sign that you’re playing against a bot is that when the bot starts shooting, they stand in one spot and don’t move. Real players will always move in one direction or another, jump or try to run towards cover. But bots don’t do that, which is what often makes it so easy to kill them.

A lot of times, you may come across an enemy that’s carrying a gun but still doesn’t shoot. Well, it’s not because that player has poor game sense, it is because that unit is a bot. And even if they do shoot you once, there’s rarely any follow up so you can easily take them down without being worried about being knocked out.

Finally, when getting kills on bots, if you go and loot their bodies, you’ll notice they’re always carrying certain fixed weapon models. These can range from the M4A1 to Tommy Gun or the UMP9 etc, but you’ll always see a pattern. This makes it easy to tell that your recent kill was just a bot, and maybe you shouldn’t start celebrating just yet.

Where are Bots Most Common?

If you’re worried about running into bots in every game, you shouldn’t be because the higher your tier is, the lower is the probability that your match will have bots. That said, newcomers and beginners who are still getting into the game have a much higher chance of encountering bots, as it provides them an easier way of getting acquainted with the game, get a hang of the controls and the general gameplay and weapons.

One thing to note is that in your first ever match in PUBG Mobile, you definitely do play against bots. So, everyone who was bragging about how easily they won their first game of PUBG Mobile, you should know that’s why. And that’s also the reason why the game feels so easy in your first few matches, because they’re basically tutorials to help you get used to the game and teach you how to win that chicken dinner.

Another thing to keep in mind is that bots are quite common when you’re at a lower level, so chances are that for at least a while, you’ll keep encountering them. But that doesn’t mean there will be no real players in your game. The best way to make sure you’re only playing against other humans is to get those wins at the lower brackets, level up and reach higher tiers. Because at higher tiers, the probability of matching with human players is high and after a point, you’ll be playing only against other humans.

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