PUBG Mobile How to Win Solo Matches Guide

While PUBG Mobile is a lot of fun with friends, it doesn’t mean you can’t go in alone and enjoy yourself. In fact, solo games can be a lot more intense and adrenalin-filled, as it’s each man for himself and you have no back up to rely on. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide with some tips and tricks to help you win chicken dinners in solo games.

There are three major tips that you need to remember for every solo game in PUBG Mobile. No matter what the situation or your position is, these are likely to come in handy.

  • As you don’t have a team to back you up, you need to make sure your equipment is suitable for any situation. You need a versatile loadout that can help you come out on top, no matter how badly you may get stuck. For this, make sure you acquaint yourself with versatile weapons like assault rifles which can benefit from a variety of attachments as you’ll be relying on them a lot.
  • One thing that you will always need to be careful about is positioning. Since this is Solo mode, you’ll have to keep a track of enemies coming in from all directions. Keep moving unless you find a good vantage point, checking around for enemies and loot.
  • Shoot only and only when you’re sure you can secure the kill. Try to take advantage of enemies who are already engaged in a fight and kill them. Another thing you can try is to wait for the enemy to kill whoever they’re fighting, then just as they’re coming out or trying to heal, ambush them and get a kill for yourself.

Pick out a Good Landing Spot

  • If you’re trying to be defensive and survive the early game without getting into too many fights, try landing far away from the path of the plane. Going to locations that fall close to the plane’s path may lead you to hot zones as a lot of other players do the same. Landing far will increase your chances of survival and also make sure you’re able to get some loot in peace.
  • When playing aggressively, feel free to land in areas that are in the plane’s flight path. This will help you learn how to be quick on your feet, trying to get loot as fast as you can and get you into action early on in the game.

Surviving till the End

After jumping off the game, your first priority is to equip yourself with some weapons and gear. Landing far from hot zones will ensure you’re able to do this in peace, while within a hot zone you’ll have to move quickly. You have a sufficient amount of time before the blue circle starts closing in, so make sure to use that properly instead of just rushing into the safe zone empty-handed.

  • As mentioned before, you need a versatile loadout to survive in Solo mode, and your best friend for that is assault rifles. They effective at all ranges, support a wide variety of attachments and can be suitable for any kind of situation.
  • If you find yourself outside the blue circle in the early game, don’t panic. Early on in the game, the tick damage you take is very low, so you can still easily make it to the safe zone and heal yourself. Your priority in the early game should be avoiding risky routes and finding vantage points.
  • Map awareness is something that will always come in handy. The mini-map at the top shows the directions for enemy footsteps and firing, so keep an eye on the map as you play because that will give you a huge advantage.

These tips and tricks you definitely help you win some solo chicken dinners and rise up the ranks. Keep checking back for more guides for all your favourite games like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, COD Mobile, Clash Royale and more.

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