PUBG Mobile: How to Win UC by Winning Classic Matches

Every PUBG Mobile player wants to get UC for free because it is the only thing that can upgrade your Royal Pass and it costs a lot of money. Therefore, players are always trying to find a way to get UC for free. But there is never a shortcut to success, you have to earn it. so, to earn UC with your skills, this is the best method which will give you your Royal Pass.

Bonus Challenge

Free 1800 UC In PUBG Mobile

You can redeem Bonus Challenge tickets in the weekly report and use them to play Bonus Challenge matches.

Go to Events>Recommended>Weekly Report. When you scroll to the bottom, you will find Season Tier Rush Pack. You can collect them every week.


You can earn Battle Coins and then you can redeem UC and other items from those coins.

Bonus Reward Challenge

Earn 850+ UC for free in PUBG Mobile| bonus reward Challenge 2020

This is the best way to use your Chicken Dinner skills to earn UC is Bonus Reward Challenge. You can start a challenge suitable to you by tapping the ‘Challenge’ button and when you win the challenge you will be rewarded with Battle Coins. Redeem UC using these coins and get your Royal Pass this season!

Easy Hack to Win Reward Challenge

Above mentioned was the hard way, obviously, you have to win a match and winning is not that easy. And if you loose, you will lose your Battle Coins. So, instead of playing in a difficult lobby, you can try this hack.

Convince your squad members to make new PUBG Mobile ID’s and complete the challenge with them. It will be a lot easier to get a Chicken Dinner in a lobby with three low-level players. You can help your squad members to get UC with this method in exchange for their help.

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