PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Earn More BP (Battle Points)

PUBG Mobile is an incredibly fun game, and a lot of it comes from different skins, crates, and models. To obtain these fun items, you need to have Battle Points. So in this guide, we’ll tell you all about what Battle Points are, how you can earn them and where all you can spend them.

BP is the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile that any player can earn by completing matches (you don’t even need to win!), completing missions like getting a certain number of games, getting a number of kills, using a particular weapon and more. You can use them for a variety of purposes, from purchasing customization crates to changing your character’s basic appearance and gender.

Where can you use Battle Points?

Spend Battle Points To Alter Character Looks & Gender – Players can use Battle Points to change their character’s appearance and gender. The first time you customize your character when you’re starting the game is free, but for every subsequent time you want to change their basic appearance, you need to spend BP. You can access the option via the Inventory under “Reset Appearance”. Prices differ on which aspect of your character you want to alter.

Purchase Soldier’s Crate With BP – Players can use BP to purchase “Soldier’s Crate” from the Shop – these contain random outfits. The BP cost of the crate increases each time they’re opened once and reset every week.

Times OpenedBP Cost
1st Time700 BP
2nd Time1,400 BP
3rd Time2,800 BP
4th Time4,200 BP
5th Time5,600 BP
6th Time7,000 BP

How Can You Earn More Battle Points?

Complete A Match & Earn Battle Points – Completing a match earns a player some Battle Points but winning a Chicken Dinner or eliminating many opponents can increase the BP you receive. So, everyone in the game gets Battle Points, but the better your performance, the more BP you get as a reward.

Log-in Daily For Bonus Points – This is perhaps the easiest way to earn Battle Points. All you need to do is log in to the game, that’s it! Players can earn more BP simply by logging into the game daily. Log-in bonuses reset at 00:00 UTC so make sure to do it every day.

Receive BP From Friends – Friends can send each other Battle Points in PUBG Mobile too. You can receive as much as 50 BP through friend gifts. Return the favor and give them gifts back – do this daily as there’s only a limited number of gifts you can send out.

Connect Social Network Accounts To Get BP – Connecting your social media account to PUBG Mobile can earn you some easy Battle Points too. When you first start the game, you see an option to log in using Facebook or Twitter. But you can connect other social media accounts as well. Combining social accounts on Facebook, Google Play, Game Center & Twitter can earn you 2,000 BP. Even if you don’t play using those accounts, be sure to still connect them.

Earn BP Through Missions – You can also earn Battle Points by completing missions, There are different types of missions – daily, challenge and progress missions. Check them out on the right & bottom part of your main screen. Remember, in order to receive these Battle Points, you need to click on “Collect”, otherwise you won’t get them at all.

Gather Points Via Event Rewards – Some events reward players with the Chicken Dinner BP Crate. You can earn up 150-300 BP per crate so be sure to collect them & complete any missions that have them as rewards!

And that is how you can easily earn Battle Points and use them to buy crates and skins to customize your characters. Be sure to check back regularly for more guides as we’re adding more content for your favourite games daily.

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