PUBG Mobile: Tips to Win Custom Room Matches

If you are a PUBG fan and also good at it then you should play more and more custom matches. Custom Room is created by using a Room Card and the ID and Password, to enter the room, are provided for the same. It is a good way to improve your game-play and to become a competitive PUBG Mobile player.

Here are some easy ways in which you can win a custom room match.

Slow and Steady

Unless you’ve had years of practice and a good device to play PUBG Mobile, there is no need for a hot drop in a competitive match. As position matters more, dropping off on small compounds is a great way to get good loot before the fight you’ll be taking with the opponent teams instead of getting in a fight before getting good loot.

Along the Edges of the Zone

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The playzone is the last thing you’ll wanna hit in a custom room match. So, to avoid the blue zone damage, you have to keep moving in the playzone circle. Instead of going right in the middle of the zone, you should pick any ridge or compound on the edge of the zone. Always avoid taking a fight outside the playzone, as that will only get you killed either by the enemy or by the blue zone.

Smoke walls

Most of the time there won’t be any covers and you’ll have to move in the circle from the open, to avoid that you can use smoke grenades as cover. Even during a fight, smoke grenades will always reduce the effort of finding a cover. So, don’t forget to pick-up as many smoke grenades as you can.

Last, but not the Least, Zone

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In a competitive match, with so many teams alive in the last circle, it is always important to get some kills. Get the zone advantage by always moving into the circle and knock out the teams which are running for the zone. The last zone is your win condition, so to be the last one standing, you have to use your skills to kill or be killed.

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