PUBG Mobile Vector Attachment Guide

We have a few assault rifle guides for PUBG Mobile, so today we’ll help you out with one of the most popular SMGs in the game, the Vector. This is a guide on how to handle the Vector’s recoil and the best attachments you can find for it on the battlefield.

Vector is an SMG with a high rate of fire. While the recoil for this gun is controllable, the biggest issue it faces is ammo capacity. It’s a deadly weapon for close-range combat and can be pretty useful for medium to long-range as well.

Before we get to the attachments, let’s take a look at the weapon stats.

The Vector has a base damage of 31 but the high rate of fire takes the DPS up to 563, which means you can drop your enemies quickly in close quarters.

The horizontal recoil in the Vector is pretty low, so the main thing that needs to be handled is the vertical recoil. Additionally, one thing you should note is that the gun is pretty accurate for its first 10 shots.

The vertical recoil and low ammo capacity problems can be easily solved by using the right attachments.

The Vector can support a lot of different attachments, more than any other SMG in PUBG Mobile, which makes it a versatile weapon. Let’s talk about the best ones you should have while playing with the Vector.

Quickdraw Extended Magazine

The first thing you need to look for is a Quickdraw Extended mag. If you can’t find that then look for an Extended mag. That will take your bullet count from 19 to 33, which means you can fire for longer without needing to reload. Combine that with its high firing rate and it can work wonders for you in a clutch fight.


For the muzzle, we suggest you go with a compensator which will reduce the horizontal and vertical recoil. In fights where each bullet decides whether who lives and lies in the game, one can’t understate the significance of a compensator. But if you think you can handle the recoil yourself, you can take a stealthy approach and go with a suppressor instead.

Half Grip/Vertical Grip

Now let’s talk about the lower rail attachment. For this, you have two options, depending on your playstyle. If you prefer engaging in close-range combat, then go with the half-grip. Otherwise, go with the Vertical Grip because that’s more helpful in mid-range and long-range firefights.


If you’re someone who picks the half-grip for the Vector, it means you probably stick to close-range and in that case, you should go with the Red Dot sight which will help you aim more accurately.

But if you’re choosing the vertical grip, go with the 6x scope because that will help you fight at long range, and you can switch it to the 3x which will be helpful in mid-range fights.


For the Stock, you only have one option and that’s the Tactical Stock. This will make your Vector more stable and help you take care of the recoil.

Finally, if you pair your Vector with a DMR, your loadout will be perfect. It’ll be very suitable for the fraggers who like to push aggressively.

The attachments mentioned above will help you tackle the Vector’s recoil a lot. And once that is taken care of, you can move around a little while shooting and really take advantage of the SMGs better movement speed and rate of fire.

If you found this guide helpful, share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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