With season 9 around the corner, PUBG corporation teased a new map called Paramo. PUBG Corp. Claims that there are gonna be huge changes in the new season, especially because of the new map which they refer to being ‘dynamic.’ This means that the map will change from game to game which makes it all the more exciting and is something new to the world of BR games. 

In a tweet which teased the release of this new map, Paramo looks really intriguing with PUB Corporation saying, “Paramo’s dynamic landscape will keep you guessing each drop!”

The features which will make the map dynamic are the volcanoes and the helicopter which may be controllable by the players. In the teaser, volcanic ash can be seen falling from the sky and sunshine is visible on some areas to the dismay of geographists. 

There are buildings which can be seen changing along with the landscape which is sure to make the map more interesting. This also makes us guess whether the loot is also going to be dynamic and just how far PUBG Corporation is willing to take the integration to. 

Season 8 is in its last leg and we can expect Season 9 to roll out soon. Season 8 ends on October 21 on PC and October 28 on consoles. Season 9 will also bring the solo ranked mode. 

Since PUBG Mobile is banned in India, we’ll have to wait to see whether the update will come to mobile in other countries or not. 

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