Rage 2 Cheats and Progress Booster Not Exclusive To Collector’s Edition

Yesterday, we wrote about how Rage 2’s Collector Edition featured Cheat Codes and Progress Boosters as exclusively part of it which made us a little cautious but turns out that isn’t really the case.

Thankfully, the devs have come out and confirmed that these items will be available in-game and will not cost you real life money in a reply to Laymen Gaming on Twitter. They went on to state that it will use in-game currency so you won’t need any microtransaction based currency to obtain them.

They further go on to explain that the cheat codes will be available from an NPC called the Wasteland Wizard and won’t require you to spend any “real word $$$”. Laymen Gaming further asked them a question that was on my mind, which was whether or not the cheat codes will be available to those with just the base game.

Yet again, the developers were quick to respond and let everybody know that it will be made available through normal gameplay. This means that those with the normal version won’t have to grind just to get the cheats but will have to play the game casually to get them.

It would have been better if they clarified this when posting what was part of the Collector’s Edition to differentiate between what was exclusive to that edition and what could be obtained in-game by playing it regularly.

But since this was brought to light, it’s good to see that they were quick to respond to concerns and don’t have it as part of some sort of microtransaction based service. Microtransactions in singleplayer games always irk me out and I’m glad that this game doesn’t seem to have it, as of now at least.

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