Rage 2 Collector’s Edition Features Cheat Codes and a Progress Booster Among Other Things

Rage 2’s Collector’s Edition is up for preorder and it comes with a lot of different physical and digital items including Cheat Codes.

One of the promised items as part of the Digital Content is “Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes” . While the description does have the word “Cheat Codes” in double quotes, we’re not sure if its an actual cheat code or just items that will basically turn you into a God.

There’s also a “Progress Booster”. If you can’t figure out what it does by the name let me help you. It increases the rate at which you progress and gain XP for the most part. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey had this which was a bit of grind-fest towards the ends game and this makes me cautious about the game.

The Collector’s Edition does come with a cool mount of a talking mutant head, a steelbook and a poster along with pretty much what you’d expect in terms of digital content with Missions and Skins/Items, including the BFG from DOOM.

But why add Cheat Codes and a Progress Booster? I can understand selling the progress booster to help folks who don’t have the time to play the game gain experience quicker to attain cool powers but why sell it if you also have cheat codes in the game that you’re also selling as part of the Collector’s Edition?

Why even make cheat codes, something that has been a staple of singleplayer game for ages, a feature that is specifically available only for those who bought a “Special Edition” of the game. Unless your game is a tedious and boring grindfest, why even sell a Progress Booster? Cheat Codes being available for everyone should be enough assistance for those who want to boost their progress.

This increasing trend of selling “cheat codes” and “progress boosters” isn’t one that I like and seeing it always makes me very cautious about the game itself. I have been pretty excited about Rage 2 because of how fun it looks but if it will be a tedious effort just to get the fun elements of the game then it will be a damn shame. I hope the game isn’t what this makes it seem like and is not a boring grind.

What do you think about such things being part of a “Special Edition”. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Rage 2 release on 14th May for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Link to the Collector’s Edition.

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