Rage 2 Gets Major Update that adds New Game+ Along with a New Roadmap

Rage 2 disappointed folks after it’s rather short story and empty world but the developers have been hard it to deliver more content and to appease the fans of the game.

The game has received its second major content update that brings a feature that people requested since the game released, New Game+. This allows players to replay the game on a harder difficulty but with all their skills and upgrades that they had at the end of the regular game.

It also comes with Ironman Mode which means that if you die, you have to start from the beginning and Ultra Nightmare Difficulty which turns up the difficulty to the max giving players an even more challenging experience.

Furthermore, they’ve added a bunch of Quality-of-Life updates which was requested by players. Finally, they’ve updated their roadmap to reflect their content plan for the next few months.

The first big expansion titled “Rise of the Ghosts” will drop in September which will have new story missions, a new world location, a new weapon, new enemies and a new ability. The second expansion that’s currently untitled will drop in November.

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