Razer Phone 2 Confirmed by Razer, Plans To Bring PC Software to Mobiles

Razer made its foray into the smartphone market with the debut of the Razer Phone last year, turning gaming smartphones into a huge phenomenon. While the trend has yet to take over the world, the success of the first-gen device speaks for itself, as a second-gen device has been confirmed.

In the latest earning reports, Razer stated that the first phone was an immense success and the company is now “focusing its resources on the development of the second generation Razer Phone”. However, no details have been revealed regarding its specifications and the release date. Here’s what the official statement says:

“Regarding the Others business, which includes the Group’s next-generation products, saw a 432.3% year-on-year growth to US$16.5 million in revenues, primarily due to the contribution of Razer Phone sales. With the successful launch of the Razer Phone in late 2017, Razer has since been widely recognised as the industry forerunner with the foresight of recognising the unmet demand for and being the first-mover to launch a mobile device for gamers, spawning a whole new category for the industry. The Group is very pleased with the success of its first generation Razer Phone, which was released in a limited run and has garnered very positive reviews internationally. Razer is now focusing its resources into the development of the second generation Razer Phone and accompanying software releases which will extend its software and services from PC into the mobile market.”

What makes it even more interesting is that Razer has mentioned that it plans to extend its PC software services into the smartphone market, though it’s not at all clear what that might entail. Whether it means a rival to the Steam Link app or something new altogether, only time will tell. Stay tuned for further updates.

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