Reasons Why Gaming is Bad For You?

Gaming is considered to be one of the most harmful activities the teenage race has uncovered, even more harmful than the likes of drugs & alcohol. An activity so fatal that it destroys families and leaves the victim helpless. The perpetrator behind poverty, draughts, earthquakes & what not. Yes my friend, all of these horrors are caused by gaming.  Be cautious.

Top 5 reasons why It’s so bad?

Reason 1: Often considered to be slow in class & poor in studies. Gamers are found to have a significantly better hand eye coordination than non-gamers. Yes, Mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell, true, but good driving skills (hand eye coordination) can save your life one day.

Reason 2: It is commonly believed that gamers don’t have a social life, girlfriends or a friend circle. Sitting around all day like a couch potato. However, the bit about not having a girlfriend is true *Mr. Lonely plays in the background* (Very self aware). Online gaming enables many players to interact with each other, there is a constant communication between the players which in turn results in the development of casual relationships among them. Online gaming helps in improving social skills of players & helps them make new friends. Increased confidence whoopty-doo!

Reason 3: Poor eye sight & bad sleeping habits. Yes, as you non-gamers turn off the bedroom lights & lie down on your bed to check your phone one last time before dozing off, scrolling through endless social media posts in absolutely no light but your phone’s. Before you know it’s been 2 hours & you have blurry eyes. Super healthy! Yes, gaming does cause a poor eye sight if prolonged for hours, well, so does a normal activity of using your phone which is much more harmful.

Reason 4: Not a viable career option, you can’t make a living out of gaming.

  • Meet Tyler “Ninja” Blevin who only makes $500,000 a month by playing Fortnite. Yup, not a fruitful career option.

Reason 5: Time Killer & No Productivity. Many modern education institutions incorporate video games as a teaching methodology. Last time we checked history was a boring subject to study, not when you get your hands on Assasin’s Creed or the Call Of Duty, there is no better teacher than these two. Many modern education institutions incorporate video games as a teaching methodology.

We’re sorry, all of these reasons look more like benefits. Let’s move on & try to answer the real question as to why gaming is bad for you? 

Here’s your answer.



Back to your Keyboard, Comrades!

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