Replaying Old Mobile Games

Games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile have taken over the Play Store by a storm. This means people have forgotten some of the older games that were extremely popular in the early days of the Play Store. So I tried out some of these games to see how well they hold up now.

Temple Run – Imangi Studios

Temple run is one of the first games on mobile that popularized the endless runner genre. A genre where you keep running from someone, forever, collecting coins. You spend coins to purchase upgrades that allow you to collect even more coins. While most endless runners dealt with just swiping, here you have motion controls which makes the game a bit more involved (also making it harder to play while lying down if you’re lazy like me). There are power-ups like the magnet, invincibility, speed boost etc. that help you score higher. The few characters you can unlock by spending coins allow a basic level of customization.

What’s annoying is that now this game has ads. Ads in a free game are important to monetize it but this game asks you if you want to watch an ad and it makes you watch it even if you select not to watch one. It is a fun game but the ads ruin the fun as you can’t start immediately after ending one run due to the ads.

Jetpack Joyride – Halfbrick Studios

This is also another endless runner, however it’s in 2D and you’re not the one running. Instead it’s the scientists you scare with their experimental jetpacks. Playing this game is really easy as it has a simple control scheme. Hold to go up and remove our finger to go down. The obstacles in this game are varied and switch up the gameplay enough to keep it engaging most of the time. Every once in a while the background also changes as you go through different parts of the facility. There are lots of jetpacks you can unlock and you can even customize your character quite a bit with different heads and clothes. Power-ups are also here including vehicles like lil stomper, supply bird and S.A.M. or the Strong Arm Machine which still feel as awesome as they did back in the day.

Cut the Rope – ZeptoLab

Cut The Rope is a puzzle game where you cut ropes to feed the candy to Om Nom the green alien or whatever that thing is. You can collect up to 3 stars, for which you have to cut the ropes in a particular order. Each level either introduces a new mechanic or mixes up the previously introduced ones to make the level challenging. While the levels aren’t that challenging themselves, this was from an era of mobile games when their primary audience was much younger than the 30 year old streamers who play PUBG Mobile now.

The levels are quite fun and Om Nom is cute as ever. But this is another game ruined by its ads. This wasn’t a free game on launch but now you can get it for free on the Play Store. But now they have introduced ads to monetize the game and watching an ad after every level becomes annoying especially when the levels are as easy as they are here.

Vector – NEKKI

If you didn’t play this game when it came out then you might not be blown away by its animations but for its time they were second to none on the Play Store. The smooth contextual parkour animations were certainly one of its kind and I would say it holds up even now. You can spice up your parkour even more by unlocking different tricks that you can perform by swiping up at specific points in levels. Vector isn’t completely free as you have to get the premium version to play some parts of it but this game doesn’t have any annoying ads which is definitely a plus. This game is set in a futuristic Orwellian world where corporations control people’s minds but this setting doesn’t have much to do with the rest of the game other than a cool intro cutscene.

Going back to it was certainly fun and while mobile games have advanced quite a bit from its release, it still holds up and looks great.

Angry Birds Classic – Rovio Entertainment

Angry Birds. An I.P. that became so popular that it sold tons of merch and even has TWO movies based on it. One of which was released last year! Even though being the second most annoying mobile related product to make a movie on (we all know what the first one is), I tried this game out with very low expectations and I have to say, this game is fun!

The game is really simple as you have to slingshot birds at structures that house pigs in them. There are different birds which can have powers that help with different situations. The levels are fun and destroying those structures is quite satisfying. The only thing that was annoying about it was the hype surrounding it. Angry Birds Classic isn’t available on the Play Store anymore so you need to download an apk for it.

What other old games do you remember fondly that you tried out again recently? Did your opinions change? Tell us in the comments. Stay tuned for more such fun articles and gaming news. If you’re interested in reading more such articles, check out the links below.

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