Resident Evil 2 Adds Classic Costumes and New Mode Post Release

Resident Evil 2 releasing very soon and people are already loving it. But wait, there’s more as Capcom plans to add more content to the game very soon.

In a recent live stream, Capcom showcased an all-new game mode called “The Ghost Survivors”. This game mode seems to an RNG based rogue mode which will have an Item Randomizer just like the Item Randomizer mods of the RE1 remake and the original RE2. In this, you will explore the already existing game world but have different challenges and gain points. The points you gain can then be used to upgrade items and such. Seems like an interesting game mode that will help with replayability and is something that fans are very excited about.

Capcom has also said that there will be new playable characters that include the mayor’s daughter, Katherine and another character named Robert Kendo. These characters will be available to play in the first volume aforementioned Ghost Survivors mode which will release in three volumes. It might also be an “alternative reality” and is confirmed to have a brand new enemy that is not in Resident Evil 2. Ghost Survivors will be added to the game as part of a free content update and will not be locked behind a paywall.

Another cool addition is the Classic costumes for Leon and Claire. These are the old low-poly models from RE2 that have been bumped up to look better but still retain their overall look. The classic costumes will be added for free on 22nd March and might be available as paid DLC before that.

The game’s reviews are already out and it’s nothing but positive with many stating that it is one of the best remakes out there and that this is how remakes should be done. Our own review should be out soon as well as our Hot Takes video so stay tuned for that.

Resident Evil 2 Remake launches on January 25th for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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