Review: BenQ Zowie Xl2546 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Long gone are the days where 60 FPS was the sweet spot for PC gamers. We want more frames, higher refresh rates and smoother gameplay. So much so, that nowadays 120Hz, or even 144Hz seems a bit lacking. Luckily, for all you gamers with a competitive side, today we’re taking a look at the BenQ Zowie XL2546 gaming monitor, that comes with an incredible 240Hz display.

Tech Specs and Features

Screen Size 24.5 inches
Resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD
Display TN Panel
Response time 1 ms
Ports DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.0, mini USB, DVI, 3.5mm port

The BenQ Zowie XL2546 is one of the highest-end 1080p gaming monitors you can buy, and it looks the part as well. The display is well-built, sturdy and comes in a mostly black matte finish. with a red Zowie logo on the back side of the screen. Although, we would’ve loved to see the monitor opt for a bezel-less design (I mean, who likes bezels in 2018?). Another added feature is two panels, that screw into the sides of the monitor, shielding you from any distractions. Kinda like horse-blinds, which a common user may find a little silly, but can be effective when you want all your focus to be on the game. Apart from that, you can adjust the height, pivot and tilt for the screen, making it extremely easy to adjust the display according to your preferences.

The display on the XL2546 is a TN Panel, so you will probably have to tweak the settings to make sure the colors look good. But on the other hand, the refresh rate is a staggering 240Hz and it has a response time of 1ms, so the trade-off on the color reproduction is not exactly a bad deal. Let’s face it, anyone gamer who’s serious about gaining an edge over their competition will care more about the framerate experience rather than the colors, and the gameplay experience on this display is buttery smooth. Even when you’re just browsing or working, the cursor flows so smoothly across the screen, it’s a joy to watch.

There are a plethora of connectivity options provided, with one DisplayPort, two HDMI ports and one DVI port on the back for display. The screen also has a mini USB port on the back, which is mainly for the S-Switch, which sits comfortable in a dedicated space on the base of the stand.  On the side, you can find two USB 3.0 ports and two 3.5mm ports, along with a handy bar that can be stretched out and used to place your headphones.

Talking about the S-Switch, the handy remote control device can let you switch between display settings without needing to access the monitors OSD again and again. It has a three buttons for switching between the presets, a scroll wheel, a back button and an input selector as well.

Interestingly, the Zowie XL2546 has neither FreeSync nor G-Sync, but BenQ’s own DyAc technology, where DyAc is short for Dynamic Action. And it works just as well, resulting in much smoother movement and gameplay, reducing tearing and flickers to make sure your plays are as top-notch as can be.  Another helpful feature for the discerning gamers is Black eQualizer, that helps with visibility in the darker areas. It’s much better than just straight up increasing the brightness as that might end up washing out the colors.

But the best, and possibly the most important feature is the native 240Hz refresh rate, the quality of which cannot be overstated. In the end, it’s a matter of how much of difference you can actually make out once you cross 144Hz, but for those who can, it’s hard to go back to anything lower, once you get used to the Xl2546.

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