Review: HyperX Savage EXO External SSD

External SSDs are still catching up when it comes to popularity, but their advantages over portable HDDs cannot be overstated. Not only are they faster, but they’re also more secure and less prone to damage. Today we’re taking a look at the HyperX Savage Exo external SSD. Let’s see how it fares, shall we?

The HyperX Savage EXO is a USB 3.1 Gen2 external SSD and is quite a looker. It’s light and compact and features an angular design that is actually quite classy. It has a dark metallic grey finish on the top and bottom, and is lined with black on the sides. There’s a single LED light that lets you know the SSD is connected and in use.

For data transmission, the SSD makes use of a USB Type-C port. And to make sure that the user doesn’t have to worry about arranging a converter, it comes with two cables; one USB Type-A to Type-C and one with USB Type-C connectors on both ends. It measures 123.82 x 48.61 x 10.24mm and weighs just under 60 grams, so like we said, it’s pretty compact and lightweight. And the compatibility ranges from Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux and consoles like PS4 and Xbox One as well. Needless to say, it covers all the bases there.

As great as the SSD looks, when it comes to performance, suffice it to say it’s not the best out there. The specs claim the sequential read and write speeds to be 500 and 480 MB/s respectively, but the real-world performance doesn’t come anywhere close to that. For smaller files, it’s great and maintains the speeds mentioned in the specs, but for longer data transfers the write speed falls down. The read performance, on the other hand, is impressive throughout and the SSD does a great job loading up and applications and games.

The HyperX Savage EXO SSD is a great option for both average PC use and gaming. Starting at a price point close to INR 7000, it comes with amazing looks and mostly great performance. The only downside is low write speeds when it comes to transferring large files, but for everyday use, whether it’s carrying your data around or booting up your games, it gets the job done well.

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