Rocket League Xbox One X Enhancement Coming in December

The Rocket League Xbox One X Enhancement patch will finally be coming in the December Update of the game.

The PlayStation Pro Enhanced patch has been available for about a year now so the delay for the Xbox One X version is a weird one. The Xbox One X Enhanced version will support native 4K at 60fps along with HDR support. If the TV or monitor being used is not 4K then the resolution will downscale to the native resolution of the screen being used but with better visuals thanks to the down sample.

Besides these improvements, the update will also add leaderboards for Ranked Extra Modes, changes to the XP and Progression system and the much awaited ‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol.5 EP’ along with a couple of new community flags. The Rocket League soundtrack is pretty damn good and the new songs that have been added to the game over time have all been quite well received so we’re expecting the new this new album to also be a good one.

All this will be added in the December Update for the game which will roll out for all the platforms the game is available on- PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. This update will release on 3rd December and could be delayed as Psyonix has said that the first-party certification is pending from Sony, Microsoft, Valve, and Nintendo. Hopefully, they sign off on the update soon and we can get that new OST along with the Enhancement patch.

Psyonix Reddit Post

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