Ryzen 3000 16 Core CPU Benchmark Leaked; 5.25Ghz Speed Demon

The Ryzen 3000 series benchmarks continue to hit the internet thanks to various different leaks. Yet again, chip sleuth TUM_APISAK has found a benchmark for a 16c/32t Ryzen 3000 series CPU that seems to be even more powerful than the benchmarks we’ve seen before.

The Mystery Ryzen CPU Scores

This CPU which might be an engineering sample seems to be running at an overclocked speed of 5.25Ghz on all cores. Its base frequency is 3.3Ghz so this is an extremely crazy overclock which explains the scores.

The i9-9980XE Scores

This Mystery CPU outclasses the Intel i9-9980XE and the i9-9900K in both Single-core and Multi-core tests. This is especially surprising considering the higher number of threads on the 9980XE which has 36 threads.

The i9-9900K Scores

These benchmark numbers seem to be higher than the previous leak that we saw. This is probably because of the change from X470 to X570 which allowed them to push the clocks higher and enjoy the faster memory.

Another thing to note is that the i9s are older 14nm CPUs while this mystery CPU is a 7nm chip. This mystery is not the 3950X as this mystery CPU runs at a base of 3.3Ghz whereas the 3950X runs at a base clock of 3.5Ghz.

All these leaks seem to a good showing for the upcoming Zen 2 CPUs and we can’t wait for the official release.

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