Sapphire tells us more about AMD’s Radeon VII

Sapphire Technologies, the name you see on several AMD cards has officially listed its version of AMD’s new flagship, Radeon VII. 

According to AMD, Radeon VII will compete with Nvidia’s RTX 2080, edging over it in several games. Unfortunately, there wasn’t all of the information at the CES, especially the one we were looking for. But with Sapphire’s listing, we know a lot more.

Currently, as the things turn out to be, it seems that AMD hasn’t given its partner enough time to work and come up with custom designs. So, it is likely that most designs would be similar to AMD’s reference card design if not the same. 

The new AMD card comes with a whopping 16 GB of HBM2 Memory.

Sapphire’s listing tells us that the new RTX 2080 competitor has 3,840 Steam processors and has a 1,800 MHz and 1,450 MHz clock speeds, boost and base clock respectively. These clock speeds are 50 MHz lower than AMD’s listing. 

The card will be powered by two 8-pin PCI-e cables, demanding a total of 300 W to run. Just for comparison, RTX 2080 draws just 215 W to run. The chipmaker recommends a minimum power supply of 650 W for average builts. However, if you want to overclock the card, we suggest that you buy a more powerful or a more efficient power supply to make sure that you have enough headroom. 

The AMD flagship will become available on 7 February, starting around the price of $699. 

With Radeon VII, you get the whole bundle.

Also, as a limited time offer, you get the whole ‘Raise the Game’ bundle, which includes Resident Evil 2 along with two upcoming titles, Tom Clancy’s The Division: II and Devil May Cry 5.

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